The 5 Best Vodkas, Ranked.

The 5 Best Vodkas, Ranked.

Although price is one indicator of quality, the world of top shelf liquor varies widely.  Welcome to the first in a series of blog posts called “WTF Should I Order?!” We let you know what boozes are worth splurging for and what’s coming at you when you order 2-4-1 wells.

Today, we’re talking vodka. Made from distilling grains or potatoes, vodka has been long favored for cold climates and freshmen dorms. To call a drink “vodka” requires at least a proof of 40 ABV, making it the perfect choice for getting smashed during a big night out. Masking vodka with something sugary is easy, popular, and leads to legendary hangovers. Try one of our top five picks based on price, quality, and what you can expect…  So ditch the Stoli - your stomach and head will thank you.

1.     Smirnoff: As one of the highest-selling brands of vodka in the U.S., Smirnoff’s marketing campaigns and name are known far and wide by hoards of liquor-loving Americans. Let’s be real, you can buy it in a plastic bottle and they make Smirnoff Ice. It is about the lowest on the totem pole of name brand vodkas, but it gets the job done.

2.     Absolut: Made famous for its wide variety of flavors, Absolut is great for mixed drinks. Be careful though, you may barely taste the alcohol and it’s very easy to overdo it with Absolut. One minute you’re drinking cranberry and black cherry vodka combos and the next you’re projectile vomiting all over your best friend’s room on her birthday.

3.     Ketel One: This no frills vodka is a refined and delicious choice for the most discerning palate. Always smooth, this vodka is the kind you drink on ice. Splurging on the price a bit with Ketel One keeps you from feeling like a zombie the next morning, and signals that you are a classy and knowledgeable drunk.

4.  Deep Eddy: One of America’s fastest growing vodka companies, Deep Eddy’ has a plethora of flavors from lemonade to grapefruit. It’s surprisingly good, comes in a glass bottle, and has a very manageable price tag.

5.     Belvedere: To really make an impression AND avoid a hangover, there is no better choice than Belvedere.  Join the legions of rich old white ladies and rappers that shoot this shit back like water. Smooth and elegant, it is our top pick for taste and quality.

No matter how you drink it, it’s nice to know what to expect when you’re ordering such a versatile liquor. What drinks do you guys want to know about next?